Your Relationship to all things was created as the perfect tool in the work of the soul.
Our thinking, feeling, and behavior is our responsibility. If we are not aware of our own thinking, respectful to our own feelings, and discerning with our own actions, then we will interact from a less than fully conscious place. Interacting with the world on “autopilot” can lead to anxiety, feelings of isolation, participation with toxic cycles and an increase of emotional pain. But, consider, all of those negative experiences can bring light to the unconscious areas of our self and life. To look at what has been unconscious, brings consciousness. Once you have that, nobody can take that away.

I am here as a Relationship Coach to help you identify and understand the thinking, feelings and actions that are keeping you stuck in toxic cycles, as well as the thinking, feelings and actions that are moving you toward relationships and experiences that support the expression of your best self. I am here to lead and guide you through this process but you are truly the expert of you. Coaching is a question focused process and serves an equal partnership between coach and client. The mission of that partnership is to support the client’s growth while creating sacred, confidential space to process where growth is happening and where it is not. – Rachel