Client Feedback

To learn how I best serve my clients, I thought you would like to hear from them.
I asked two questions. Here are some responses.

How have you grown from the work that we have done together?

“I initially thought I was going to learn how to understand and relate to the other people in my life. What I have really learned is how to understand myself and how I relate to the other people in my life. Working with you has helped me to improve communication with my spouse, family, and co-workers. I always thought I was a pretty good communicator, because I listened carefully to everyone else. However, somewhere along the way, many years ago, I stopped listening to myself and to my needs, and succumbed to my fears. With your guidance, I have learned to sit with my emotions, to trust my feelings and intuition, and to compassionately support my needs without sacrificing my ability to offer unconditional love to others.”- Married, Female, 40’s

“Each session with Rachel makes me feel as though I am a caterpillar going into a cocoon and coming out a butterfly. Every time we meet, we go through this continual process of rebirth, and through this process I am continually growing. When we first started our sessions, I was incredibly anxious and depressed. I hated myself and my life. I felt like I had lost everything and had nothing exciting to live for. But as we continued to meet and peel back more layers, I began to know myself much better, and in doing so I began to love myself – the good and the bad. Looking back, the person I am now is much more accepting of myself as a whole person. I now see my “faults” as being key aspects of my experience that help me grow. I am more trusting in the belief that I am exactly as I should be, and I no longer feel the need to change in order to please anyone but myself. Needless to say, my sessions with Rachel have allowed me to grow much more confident and grounded in my “me-ness” than I have ever experienced before.” – Single, Female, 20’s

One of the main things I’ve noticed is that I’m more aware of my actions and how I direct my feelings. I’ve stopped placing blame where there is no blame to be had (even/especially with myself), and I’ve learned to accept where I am in life. Seeing my journey through someone else’s eyes helps me realize where I need to focus my energy.- Married, Female, 30’s

Working with Rachel has given me stability with myself so I can better understand others while dealing with conflict. She has helped me grow with my self confidence in my relationship on a personal level by helping me understand that people can’t make me feel a certain way only I can make myself feel that way. “I need to stay on my side of the tennis court.” – Married, Male, 30’s

When we started working together, I came with my perception of what I needed help with and, through our work together, learned that I needed to truly listen to my inner self. The true issue did not lie outside of me – it was inside and I was squashing it with what I THOUGHT was best. Our sessions taught me to trust my inner voice and to really listen to what was best FOR me FROM me. Since we all are human, I do have my moments and when I realize this I just get back in tune. – Single, Female, 50’s

I have grown from the work we have done together in that I have better awareness about myself and what I am looking for in everyday situations. When a situation comes up, I feel I am better equipped with the tools I need to address the situation appropriately. I have more assurance in that the universe gives back to those that put so much into it. When people are willing to do the work, good things happen. The universe rewards these efforts in due time. I have a better gauge of what I want in future relationships. I have more confidence in parenting because I can provide calm guidance to my children. Basically, in each phase of my professional and personal life, I feel more authentic and real from the work we have done together. – Single, Male, 40’s

What is the greatest benefit that you have received from coaching?

“I think the greatest benefit I have received from coaching is the increased awareness and the loving acceptance of my True-self, the ability to trust my instincts, and to take action that supports my soul’s needs and desires. If we each have a Divine Purpose in life, I think it is not about one goal or manifestation, but rather about everyday being an opportunity to reach our soul’s potential in any moment or event. When I feel like I “dropped the ball”, I’m mindful to not beat myself up about it, apologize if needed, and step back to see what I can learn from the event. I’m a work in progress.” – Married, Female, 40s

“Working with Rachel has allowed me to uncover the deep inner knowing and connection that I have with myself. Before starting coaching, I was lost, anxious, and depressed. I was unaware that I actually had the power, and the right, to express my needs, boundaries, wants, and desires. Through our coaching sessions, Rachel has helped me to continually strengthen the connection that I have with myself and this has carried over into all aspects of my life. I no longer apologize for my needs, and I am now able to better understand and maintain healthy boundaries. Understanding my needs AND understanding that I have the power to fulfill them, has been transformational. Building this strong connection and relationship with myself is truly empowering. I feel like I can do almost anything because I now know how to advocate for myself and stand by my own side.” – Single, Female, 20’s

I truly enjoy being able to express my feelings and concerns, knowing someone is there to help me brainstorm. It’s the process that matters, but it’s the process that can sometimes be overwhelming. Having Rachel there to give me guidance and break down that “intimidating factor” makes it less stressful. I don’t walk away with all of the answers, but I walk away with a sense of purpose; I know exactly what I need to do to get to where I need and/or want to be. – Married, Female, 30’s

The greatest benefit has been gaining my self-confidence, my self worth, and controlling my emotions. Its ok to feel a certain way and that is my right as a human, and my feelings are real. – Married, Male, 30’s

I always felt like when things didn’t work it had to be my fault. Working with you (Rachel) has shown me that there is no fault – everyone is working to the best of their beliefs and perhaps our beliefs just don’t mesh. This applies to just about everything in our lives from partners in life to friendships and work relationships. We are not everything to everybody and not everybody is everything to us. So, the short version, I’ve stopped blaming myself when things don’t work out. – Single, Female, 50’s

The greatest benefit from coaching is that I have a much better ability to “listen” or be in tune to my emotions. I am much more aware of how I am feeling as it pertains to situations. I can more effectively use a balance of my analytical mind and my emotions instead of relying too heavily on one or the other. That comes up more often than I probably realize, so to have that ability is very important for me. Before coaching, I did not give much weighted value to my emotions. I relied very much on how I analyzed a situation with my mind. Now, I can utilize how I feel emotionally about a situation, and apply that knowledge accordingly. – Single, Male, 40’s