Relationship Coaching

With Relationship Coaching, I support individual work as well as group work in committed relationships (couples, families, business partners).

I spend majority of my time working with clients on:

  • Relationship Harmony
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Understanding Emotional Guidance Systems
  • Coping with Intense Emotions (Individually and in Others)
  • Communication Skills
  • Setting Up Systems for Success
One complimentary two-hour appointment is offered in order for you to gain better understanding of what coaching is, how I help and if I am the right fit for you. There is absolutely no obligation to work with me and, if I am not the best fit, I will make sure I find a more appropriate resource for you.
If you decide that you would like to work with me:

  • I ask for no retainer fee
  • There is no long term commitment, we will schedule one appointment at a time
  • You can schedule from 1 to 6 hours per appointment, 2 hours is recommended but not required
  • All coaching services are $105 per hour, up to 6 hours (fee does not change based on number of people attending)
  • Payment is required at the time of the appointment; cash, check or credit card are accepted